Call for Sessions - Deadline is 15th June 2012

Scientific topics:

Data and Information for a Planet Under Pressure. e-Science and e-Science Networks
Information Science and Computational informatics Data Mining and Knowledge Management
Interoperability and Data Integration Earth and Environmental Data
Biological Science, Medical and Health Data Physical Science Data
Social Science Data and the Digital Humanities Open Access; Public Section Information; Legal and Policy Issues
Semantic Web and Linked Data Data Challenges for Global Sustainability: The Outcome of Rio +20

To submit an abstract or session proposal for consideration by the CODATA International Scientific Program Committee follow these steps:
  1. Register on
  2. Create an account with the abstract service (easychair)
  3. Enter first name, last name and e-mail
  4. You will immediately receive an e-mail from the abstract service asking you to complete the registration details
  5. Once registration is completed, you can log in to CODATA 2012 as author by clicking on
  6. Click “New Submission” and follow directions to submit your abstract or session proposal for consideration
NOTE: It is possible to use your email address as an identifier.
Deadline for receipt of Abstracts/Session Proposals is 15th June 2012

The submission of abstracts and session proposals will be handled online by the easychair system. Once log onto the easychair CODATA 2012 page, your will be able to make a submission by completing three easy steps:
  1. Provide information about the Authors.
    You can list as many authors as you like. The authors who are marked as "Corresponding author" will receive notifications after the review process.
  2. Provide the Title, Abstract and other Information about the submission.
    Please note that you shall indicate whether your submission is for "Session Proposal", "Oral Presentation", or "Poster Presentation". Please click "Early Career Scientists" if the presentation will be given by researchers who recently received, or have yet to receive, PhD degrees.
    For "Session Proposal", please note that the authors, title and abstract mean the session organizers and the title and abstract of the session itself. Information about individual speakers and their presentations in the session shall be detailed by additional information (see below).
  3. Upload a Paper (optional for "Oral Presentation" and "Poster Presentation").
    You may upload a paper which is a more complete version of the abstract. In this paper you can include any supplemental materials such as images, data graphics, tables, bibliographies, pointers to online resources, etc. The paper can be in the following formats: PDF (file extension .pdf), Word document (file extension .doc), plain text (file extension .txt), HTML (file extension .html), or Open Document format (file extension .odt).
    In the paper, please also include information about the Authors, and the Title, Abstract and other Information about the submission (those from the above two steps) so that it is self-contained and consistent with the information already in the easychair system.
    For "Session Proposal", please note that you are required to upload a paper in which you shall include detailed information about all the speakers and the titles and abstracts of their presentations in the session.
You may consult the abstracts and sessions presented at the CODATA 2010 Scientific Program when preparing your submissions.
Important: When your submission is accepted, please provide with the CODATA 2012 Scientific Program Committee your abstract (or paper) in a readily edit-able format (either .doc, .txt, .html, or .odt) so that it can be copy-edited in the conference proceedings.

If you experience any problems please contact