Early Career Scientists

Early Career Scientists Participation at the 23nd international CODATA Conference 

Promoting the involvement and integration of early career scientists in the science and technology policy areas is not a new phenomenon and has always been on the agenda of many scientific organizations around the world. However, with the rapid advancement of information and communication technologies and the role it currently plays in the science world, the role of young scientists in maximizing the impact of the digital age on science has been more seriously realized and acknowledged.


CODATA 2012 will build on the highly successful Early Career Scientists events that took place around the 21st International CODATA Conference in Kyiv in 2008, and the 22nd International CODATA Conference in South Africa in 2010.


We propose that early career scientists be one of the main themes of the 2012 conference.


Over the coming months we will be posting on this space a list of events, activities focused on and around young data scientists that will be held during this conference.


We look forward to your participation.


In the meantime if you:

  •        Are under 35 years. (In certain cases exceptions may be made but the absolute age limit cannot be over 40) and
  •        Have received a PhD or equivalent within three years prior to the Conference.  
  •        Wish to be put on a mailing list for an update of these activities as they come online. 

Then please send your contact details to codata@dial.oleane.com, with the the subject Young Scientists 2012

We look forward to seeing you in Taipei in 2012.