Welcome to Taipei!

0. For getting around by taxi, please use the bilingual helper cards to give instructions to the taxi drivers. If you are coming to the conference venue by Taipei MRT (the subway), get off at the “Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center”. There is a taxi stop outside of Exit 5. From there it takes about 10 min by taxi to go to the conference venue.

1. The conference venue is the Humanities and Social Sciences Building at Academia Sinica. This is building no. 24 on this campus map: http://www.sinica.edu.tw/as/map/asmap.html

2. For people who are staying at the City Lake Hotel, there will be chartered buses going to and from the conference venue.


10/28 20:30 Academia Sinica -> City Lake

10/29 07:45 City Lake -> Academia Sinica

19:30 Academia Sinica -> City Lake

20:30 Academia Sinica -> City Lake

10/30 07:45 City Lake -> Academia Sinica

10/31 07:45 City Lake -> Academia Sinica

18:00 Academia Sinica -> City Lake

3. The registration desk opens at 12:00 noon on 10/28.

4. There are (too) many 24-hour convenience stores in the city. You can get cash at ATM there.

5. There are banks in the airport for you to exchange money. The rates are good, and they operate long hours.

6. There is free Wifi everywhere at the conference venue. Conference rooms have dedicated computers for slide presentations. You may want to bring along power plug adapters however.